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JAK EnergiakouratWelcome to JAK-Metalli's websites !

Best Quality - JAK-Energy wood grapple comes with a two years warranty.

JAK-energy wood grapples are manufactured in Finland by JAK-Metalli Oy. We offer as effective and durable grapple as possible. With our grapple you can do energy wood harvest economically profitable.

We have managed to keep our pricing competitive through our effective and carefully planned production.

Our grapple is aimed to professional as well as avocation energy wood harvest.

Youtube videos of energy wood harvest with JAK-enegy wood grapple

JAK-grapple is of a higher quality:

Trajectories has been carefully planned and therefore the grapple is faster to use.
- The grapple centralizes trees and the grip is very firm so the working and safety increases.
- With our grapple you can cut easily very thick trees. The cut is clean and the post-harvest is neat.
- Because of the structure, the grapples are light and durable hence fuel efficient.
- The cutting diameters on our grapples are measured 50 mm from the ground using just the cutting power of the grapple.

From our selection you can find a grapple to different excavators and tractors. The grapple can be used to thinning the forest, to cut the trees beside the fields, under the power lines, on the roadsides, on a lot and on the road lines.

Please contact us so we can find out together which of the JAK-energy wood grapples is best suited for your needs.

Best Regards
Jani Sipilä, CEO

JAK-Metalli Oy